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I get into my bed and look at the clock. The glowing red numbers 11.30 are the only light in my room.
I can't sleep. its really cold so get a third blanket, hoping it will make me warmer and help me go to sleep.
It doesn’t. I lie there and think. If i didn't have my friends what would happen?
Would i Still be the same. The same old 13 year-old Emily-Rose from Sydney.

Over the two years of High-school a lot of things have happened.
but my friends always have stuck by. Jemima, one of the quietest people i have ever met.
Yet I feel comfortable to talk to her and tell her my deepest darkest secrets.
her long blonde hair and brown eyes always of the sincerest nature.
Skinny, reasonably tall and absolutely gorgeous, Jemima walks into the room and ran up to me and gave me a gigantic hug.
The first time I have seen her after term one holidays. I sure did miss her.
After this one moment, I knew we would be close friends forever.

Then I saw Lesia and Holly. Best friends i raced up to them and jolted Holly.
One thing I sure had missed. Lesia with a new fringe, and brown eyes.
a front fringe! it suits her. 'WOAH! Lesia your hair is so cool! I love it.'
I say with a gigantic smile. Lesia blushes and said 'Its not what i asked for. I don't like it.'
I look over at Holly laughing as she gets of the floor after I jolted her.
Showing all her teeth. She looks just like a possum.
Her hair frames her face kind of like a helmet, protecting her from all things that are cruel and mean.
Holly is so cute, just like a little baby. So immature, just like me but that’s why I love her.

Kirsten and Hayley come in the door, just as the bell rings. I run up to Kirsten as her curly ringlets bounce.
She's running towards me and screams 'EMILY! i missed you!' I smile at her as her blue eyes glisten in the sun. 'oh shit. here comes Mr Mathers.' we all rolled our eyes, do up our buttons and sigh. The hell of school returns. I turn around as...