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Yoying Eng
English 9- Period 5

Dry Sorrow Drinks Our Blood: Romeo and Juliet, Act III Scene V

1. Romeo and Juliet don’t want to acknowledge the truth of their situation because they want to spend more time with each other since It might be the last time and because when day comes they have to part.

2. The first time they were deeply in love at first sight, but they were assured that they were happy and peaceful. The second time this sort of scene happened, they had to be cautious of their surrounding, were spending time in sorrow since it might be short, and hesitant to leave each other.

3. If I were playing Juliet, I would pretend I didn’t care or know who Romeo was or about him just so I can keep our love safe and avoid any suspicion. I would not show any emotions and I wouldn’t necessarily betray my husband, but try to keep him safe.

4. A complication brought to this scene is where Romeo and Juliet are enemies, yet family (lovers). It appears now to produce tension to the story.

5. They react like that because they find it surprising and strange that she would object to their proposal and not obey them since they usually decide everything for her.

6. Yes, their personalities are different because their reactions are same on the outside, but what lies inside is different. Lady Capulet is just selfish and getting angry because Juliet has her own life, but Capulet is getting angry because he is doing it for her good and she is still not obeying.

7. Yes, Old Capulet can be justified because he is helping Juliet to marry Paris for her own benefits and because he is rich and has the ability to give her a good life and future. Lady Capulet cannot be justified because she is getting angry for no reason other than Juliet disobeying her.

8. The nurse tells Juliet to go on and marry Paris since he is a great man and can give her a future. The nurse also wants to avoid trouble if the Capulet’s might find out what the nurse has done to...