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ouch >.<
18:33:37I say:

how manny do you need?
18:33:45nicholas says:

i have a feeling its gonna be chock full of alot of filler
18:34:18I say:

lol yup
18:34:27nicholas says:

18:34:34I say:

i havent had to write an essay in sooooo long
18:34:43nicholas says:

18:34:50I say:

apart from exams. its been like a year
18:34:57I say:

i suck at essays soo bad
18:35:07nicholas says:

so do i
18:35:18nicholas says:

i can wright stories and poems
18:35:18I say:

i cant make or proove a point. or i make to meanny points and proove them
18:35:30nicholas says:

but essays have no imagination
18:35:56I say:

i know! ug just point proof comment. over and over again >.<
18:36:14nicholas says:

18:36:36I say:

18:36:45I say:

how manny words do you need?
18:36:50nicholas says:

18:37:02I say:

18:37:07nicholas says:

on why it is important to follow instructions when given orders
18:37:33I say:

lame beans
18:37:41nicholas says:

18:37:45I say:

i dont think i could get like 500 words >.<
18:38:08nicholas says:

i cant even cheat the mill computer blocks essayy sites
18:38:24nicholas says:

im at a little over 250
18:38:50I say:

but it just so happens that you have me for help ;p
18:39:03nicholas says:

18:39:05I say:

18:39:14I say:

thats what i was about to do anyways!
18:39:34nicholas says:

18:39:38nicholas says:

i love you
18:39:44I say: