Langston Hughes - Final Exam

Langston Hughes - Final Exam

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Final Exam Michael Bonavita
A. Type X - Drill Sergant, most football coaches.
B. Type Y - Martin Luther King
C. Autocratic - Fidel Castro
D. Democratic - Barrack Obama
E. Laissez-faire - Adam Smith

A. Initiating - Characterized by having low breadth and shallow depth. Where we first make contact.
B. Experimenting - Stage where we attempt to increase predictability by getting to know someone through small talk.
C. Intensifying - When 2 people become good friends.
D. Integrating - When 2 people are defined as a group.
E. Bonding - When 2 people make a commitment to one another.
F. Differentiating - When 2 people seek to regain unique identities.
G. Circumscribing - Quality and quantity of communication decreases.
H. Stagnating - communication is at a standstill.
I. Avoiding - Participants intentionally avoid each other.
J. Termination - The relationship ends.

2. That is the cost-benefit/social exchange theory.

3. In a relationship we show affection, intimacy, and commitment.

4. I enjoyed your class very much. I realize it can be very hard to be that really cool teacher and an effective disciplinary teacher at the same time. I thought you were a very cool teacher. I felt comfortable in every class, and I think that that really helped to open up communication channels in the classroom. My only suggestion for you would be to apply no tolerance when it comes to fooling around. From the first class on let your class know that if they are being disrespectful, you WILL remove them from class. Also, you should stress the importance of attendance in class. That way when you remove them from class it is a real punishment, like the fear of getting dropped out of class for missing too many days. I think that you have a really relatable personality towards college students. Even if you become more strict I believe that you will still promote a comfortable environment and still gain a lot of respect from your students....

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