Language and Writing

Language and Writing

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To compare the two stories between Amy Tan and Min Zhan. Amy

was born in the US in 1952 in Oakland. She also wrote her first short story

in 1985 and it became her the basis for her first novel. Tan worked as a

specialist in language development before she became a business writer.

Tan is a writer and she always loves language and spends great

deal of time thinking about the power of language. She was given a tool to

speak to a group of people. Her nature was to talk about her writing and her

life and her book about The Joy Luck Club. Amy also talks about her

mothers English as she was growing up. Amy and her husband see English

as a language of intimacy that relates to family talk. As she learns how to

speak English and from coming from China it is amazing how you learn

English from a whole point of view.

Amy shares simple speech in front of her mother and her made her

conscious of her writing. Tan and Lu had their own writing style and Tan

uses narration throughout her essay as well as process analysis.

Min Zhan literacy uses autobiography to raise larger issues about he

possible tensions between home and school languages. Min Zhan also has a

different approach to communication her personal experience

but both share the same passion for English language.

Min Zhan also learned a formula for working class writng in the compostion

classes. Her parents wanted her to get the best education this included

tutoring. Min Zhan has her own approach and dealing her way of learning

the language of English.

Amy and Min Zhan both love the English language they both

approach it in different styles of learning. Amy learned her own way and

sharing stories and other fiction books. As born and raised from another

county you will do what it takes to learn the language and to make a beauty

of art. It takes so much to learn and be educated in and have parents to raise...

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