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Sixth Form
Generally, the question in this module asks candidates to do the following:
a. Identify the writer’s purpose
b. State the main idea of the extract
c. Identify and analyse the use of language strategies and organizational techniques
d. Discuss the use of language strategies and organizational techniques and say how these help the writer to achieve his/her purpose.
e. Comment on the suitability of tone and register.
Employ a 4 step approach:
1. Identify the language strategies or techniques used in the extract.
2. Provide examples/characteristics of the strategies.
3. Analyze their use in the extract.
4. Evaluate the effectiveness of their use by stating how their uses contribute to the writer’s purpose.

Organization of the Essay:
The essay is to be written in 500 words. Employ the following organizational strategies/competencies:
1. Begin with an introduction by briefly summarizing the extract (main idea) and stating the writer’s purpose.
2. Write a thesis statement as your last sentence in that introductory paragraph.
3. Develop your ideas logically in subsequent paragraph.
4. Ensure each paragraph has a topic sentence.
5. Use examples, illustrations, analysis and evaluation to develop your paragraphs.
6. Use transitional words and phrases within and between your paragraphs.
7. Ensure your paragraphs reflect both semantic and structural transitions.
8. Conclude your essay by restating your thesis and your topic sentences.

Guide to writing the Essay:
In order to write this essay you should read the passage at least two times. In the first reading, take a cursory glance at the extract. Pay attention to topic, words in bold or italics and source of extract. In the second reading, employ critical reading skills by doing the following:
Read slowly and actively
Pay attention to the first and last paragraphs...

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