Large hydraulic oil vendors would forrest remind: strictly abide by the rule of production

Large hydraulic oil vendors would forrest remind: strictly abide by the rule of production

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Forrest remind you that although our large hydraulic oil press equipment easy to use, simple operation, but in large and medium hydraulic oil production safety on our vendors would forrest still cannot treat STH lightly, hope you can be familiar with the operation method in detail, and strictly abide by, lest cause physical damage.
the refining process
1. When you start in our large hydraulic oil vendors would forrest before buying hydraulic oil press, hope you can read about our hydraulic oil press production safety instructions, or in strict accordance with the technical personnel know production operation, accomplish know fairly well.Then carefully check the hydraulic oil press, make sure there are no screw loose, operation without site was blocked by other objects.

2. Working in the hydraulic oil press for oil refining production, are not allowed to contact any part of the body parts of the operation of the hydraulic oil press, and hope you can wear some slightly tight clothes, lest skirt, sleeve, such as hair into the hydraulic oil press, cause harm.

air product
3. The hydraulic oil press work, hope you can keep a certain distance with the hydraulic oil press, both to avoid being burned by hot oil, also can prevent other accidents.

4. If any emergency in the oil refining process, be sure to keep in mind that power first, then after carefully check, it is strictly prohibited in the process of the functioning of the hydraulic oil press equipment for inspection.

5. If you have any children around you, hope you can take care, to avoid the child to the motor, belt pulley for the play.
palm oil processing plant
More than a few hydraulic oil is just our vendors would forrest meager opinions, believe that you will be able to observe, at the same time also hope you business is thriving, a happy family.

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