Late Night with Bea Rosen

Late Night with Bea Rosen


Methods I Assignment

September 29,, 2009

I. State the definition of “knowledge”:

The Social Work definition of knowledge is, “what we and others believe to be true about the world around us and is research based. Our textbook also defines knowledge as, “cognitive mental content (ideals and beliefs) concerning reality that we take to be true (perceive with certainty), based on adequate evidence, or that we decide is confirmable and has a high probability of truth”

• Give three examples of knowledge used in social work

a. Knowledge of a specific client – strengths and weaknesses
b. Knowledge of a specific problem - what attempts have been made to solve it
c. Knowledge of the environment around a client – social systems and subsystems

• Give three examples from the article of the social worker using social work knowledge

a. Knowledge of a specific client – strengths and weaknesses

Over the several months that the Social Work student has been working with Bea, she has been able to observe many of Bea’s strengths and weaknesses. Bea is going through a difficult grief process after the death of her husband, Barry, of almost fifty years. Kathleen, the Social Worker, has noticed signs of mild depression. Bea has admitted to Kathleen that there have been other mental health issues in the past, but she has been hesitant to discuss these issues with Kathleen.

However, in contrast to the above weaknesses of grief and depression
On many occasions, Bea has shown much resilience and determination to carry on and get through these difficult times. “If you want to make it, you’ve got to take it.” Kathleen believes that this indicates Bea’s desire to empower herself get through these difficult times. She often shares her feelings of grief with Kathleen and on many occasions, even with her many health issues, Bea forces herself to take walks.


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