Laundry Assignment

Laundry Assignment

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Laundry Assingnment


This assignment has the purpose to describe the procedures applied in a Dry Cleaning, since the arrival of the item until the return to the customer. Questions were asked to staff from Spring Dry Cleaners as well as observation to all process was done.

1- Name, location, size and type of facility

Spring Dry Cleaners is located at 110 Spring Street – Bondi Junction. It is medium size Dry Cleaner shop. They offer the most commom type of service: dry cleaning, washing, bleach, softener and repair.

They receive all types of items: social male shirt, dress, jeans, personal laundry, blanket, curtain and carpet.

2- Receiving of items

When customers leave their items to be cleaned a staff count the number of items and mark in the Log Book which items have to be cleaned. In the log is specified what kind of item was and the exact number of items were left. The customer keeps part of the log which contains some information: Number of pieces, price, name and date. The shop keeps the other part of the log which has detailed information: What kind of clothe were left, number of pieces, name, date and a register number.

Each client receives one number and each piece of clothe receives the same number to maintain the control.

3- Sorting

After the clothes received the control number a staff sorts the items looking for belongins in the pockets, brooch or any type of belonging. The staff also checks for stains or repairs if the clothe contains one of these alterations they go to a different sector. For stains they apply “Liquid Soap” over the stain and brush, in case of repair the repair is done by the staff responsible for this sector.

4- Individual laundry and valet items

Spring Dry Cleaners works directly to the public, regular or new customers. Dry Cleaners does not have any deal with companies or hotels, all items that are found inside are from individual customers. Therefore...

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