LAW 531 Week 2 Complete Quiz

LAW 531 Week 2 Complete Quiz

LAW 531 Week 2 Knowledge Check

1. Identify the true statement about intentional torts.
A. A person can be sued for assault even if there was no actual physical contact.
B. A person can be sued for threatening future harm.
C. A person can be accused of battery only if there was direct physical contact.
D. A person cannot be sued for intending to injure one person but injuring another instead.

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2. When does misappropriation of the right to publicity occur?
A. When private information about a person is made available to the public without the person's consent
B. When the identity of an individual is used to make commercial gains without the individual’s permission
C. When false statements about an individual are made on a public platform
D. When a false document is signed using another person’s name

3. Natalia has sued a media agency for publishing false statements about her in one of its widely circulated newspapers. Natalia has sought damages from the media agency for violating her reputation. Identify the tort that is illustrated in the scenario.
A. Misappropriation of right to publicity
B. Battery
C. Libel
D. False imprisonment

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4. What is true about a negligence lawsuit in the context of unintentional torts?
A. The plaintiff does not need to prove that the defendant owed a duty of care.
B. The plaintiff does not need to prove that actual injury occurred.
C. The plaintiff should prove that the defendant's negligence caused the injury.
D. The plaintiff needs to prove that the negligence occurred in the profession of the defendant.

5. What does proximate cause mean?
A. The negligent person or entity is completely responsible for all the damages caused by the negligence.
B. The plaintiff has the right to decide the extent...

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