Law 531 What Happens When There Is an “I

Law 531 What Happens When There Is an “I

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What Happens when There Is an "I" in Team

May 10, 2009

What Happens when There Is an "I" in Team
Working as a team may not always be easy, there may be times that conflict may arise for one reason or another. In the case that disagreements do arise there will need to be some type of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in place. "Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers parties alternative means of resolving their differences?" (Jennings, 2006, p.111). This may be is such a form such as, arbitration, "?the resolution of disputes in a less formal setting?" (Jennings, 2006, p.111) or mediation, "?a process in which both parties meet with a neutral mediator who listens to each side explain its position (Jennings, 2006, p.117). These different forms of ADR can be used to settle the dispute quickly and fairly. The parties involved, or in this case team members, will be able to settle on an agreement that will benefit both members.
The Problem Is?
When working as a team such conflicts can arise, that may deal with issues as, timely input for team reports, attendance, and participation. In the result that these issues arise, the team members should use ADR as a process to solve those disputes. In a case where a team member is not participating as they should be, such as not giving any input, not doing their fair share of the work, or missing many scheduled meetings there should be mediation to approach the problem, first. If no settlement can be made the problem should be taken up with arbitration. Before arbitration can take place, the team members should vote upon whether the result of the arbitration should be binding or non-binding.
And the Final Answer is?
When the problem results in meditation the team will need to find a subject that has no weight or interest in the team. This person should listen carefully to both sides and give input on...

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