Law and Order in the Nineteenth Century

Law and Order in the Nineteenth Century

Law and Order in the nineteenth century

Law and order in the 19th century proved to be bad, because of many reasons regarding environmental conditions, for example the smog, it was hard to see criminals and it was not a surprise when there were screams and cries for help because of so many crimes going on. Also a lot of different crimes due to the environmental conditions were easy to do like murders, assaults and pickpockets. In this essay I am going to talk about all the factors, that was the law and order in the nineteenth century.

In the 19th century the police had different crime methods that they tried to catch criminals with. The methods were very bizarre when they tried to catch Jack the Ripper. Plus the rising population meant that they needed to try harder. For example, some policemen dressed up as prostitutes, to see if Jack the Ripper will use them as their suspected victim. At the time they thought it will be a great and that they will fall right into the ‘bobbies’ hands. This method didn’t work very well as the Ripper was far too clever to realise that the fake prostitutes were actually fake.

Trying to catch the Ripper was harder than it should have been, due to the Lack of the City of London police and the Metropolitan Police forces, the lack of forensic evidence, and the lack of reward abuse of evidence. First of all the leader of the metropolitan police and the leader of the city of London police didn’t want to get involved with each other, because of they wanted to get all the credit when catching the Ripper. Also they denied that the phrase on the wall that said ‘the Jewes are not the ones to be blamed’, to be evidence for the crime. In the nineteenth century they didn’t have the technology that the world has now, so lack of forensic evidence made it even harder to catch the Ripper. Also the lack of reward Abuse of evidence showed that the police force did not think the evidence that was presented was not significant to the...

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