Law Enforcement Deviance

Law Enforcement Deviance

Law Enforcement Deviance 1

George R Smith jr
June 20, 2010

Law Enforcement Deviance 2

There are many jobs out in our society, but one of the hardest and most difficult jobs is being a police officer. Especially after the Rodney King and OJ Simpson cases. Their duty to protect and serve the citizens and keep them safe from any type of bodily harm. To do this, sometimes they may be required to use excessive force. Excessive force according to the Rampart Independent Review is defined in the LAPD book of policies as “necessary and responsible, to protect others and themselves from any form of bodily harm”(Rampart, 2000 November 16).

Any police or sheriff officer and any type of law enforcement officer for that matter are permitted to use deadly force in situations where there is “immediate defense of life”, so that they can prevent serious harm or death to another person. Here is an example “If a suspect leaves and the police or sheriffs are trying to catch him or her and they refuses to comply with any type of direct orders, they can use excessive force. Before this can happen they have to use all other avenues and must have exhausted them before them can use excessive force. The use of excessive force should only be use as the last resort. (Rampart, 2000 November 16).

Doing Investigations right after any police shooting is imperative, not only for the police force but for the community for which the officer works in. doing the investigation will help clarify the actions of the officer, and if excessive force was warranted. Just in the last month in buffalo, New York, there was a police officer who was involved in a shooting that is under investigation. The police officer was attempting to make a drug...

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