Law Enforcement in Cambodia

Law Enforcement in Cambodia

Introduction to Research Skills
Semester II - 2011
Type of Assignment: Compare and Contrast Research Project

Name: SOK NANG Date: Monday 25th April, 2011

Topic: Law Enforcement in Cambodia
Research Questions:

1. What is one major hindrance for proper law enforcement in Cambodia?
2. How can law be enforced effectively in Cambodia?

One democratic country needs to have in its governing system a check and balance pattern. (Robert, L.L., 1986, p.88). This is a pattern that ensures a proper triangle relation between legislature, executive, and judiciary branches to avoid any inappropriate interventions by any branch into another. Any improper interventions especially from the executive power to legislature one can cause a number of problems in law enforcement approach. Thus, in order to create a good environment for all the people to enforce the law, various effective mechanisms need to be imposed to prevent possible difficulties that occur if law is not effectively enforced. A legitimate nation needs to ratify a rule of law. Rules of law in one specific state means that a state which established adequate pieces of law, and this law need to be enforced effectively, finally whoever jeopardizes or breaches the law will be sentenced according to their faults. However, problems might happen when law is not enforced. That is a reason we have concentrate on so far and is in need of good management to prevent. Concerning on law enforcement, in Cambodia so far, we have seen many cases related to the interests of the people who unsatisfied with some actions from those in power. The meaning is that there is no proper law enforcement in general, but there are any exceptions left and provided benefits to one small group of ruling and leave large amount of difficulties for ordinary people. Since this cause major disadvantages to people in general, one research to find out any proper strategies to cope with the problems is important. This research...

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