Law Enforcment Agencies

Law Enforcment Agencies

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Check Point: Law Enforcement Agencies

In respect to all sources of the law, I believe that all departments are important in their own specific area. However, having to choose three then I would have to narrow it down to Sheriffs and county law enforcement. The sheriff is an important figure in the United States. With the exception of Rode Island and Hawaii, every county elects a sheriff for a term. They are paid a salary, since sheriffs are elected, it is all political, and when a sheriff is elected into office, they have the rights to appoint new deputies or promote the ones that had a hand in helping in the election. Many people confuse the police department, with the sheriff department, even though they both share many of the same responsibilities. The Sheriff’s department is responsible for all areas, where as the local police usually are responsible for the traffic control, call for emergency, they investigate crime scenes as well. They are both equally important.
The county coroner is a county elected official, also with the duties of medical examiners. When thinking of a coroner you would think of the position only of the person to come to remove the body at a crime scene. However, the responsibilities of a coroner are similar to those of other investigators. The coroner is responsible for determining the cause of death, is the injury, disease, or combination of the two that was responsible for what caused the fatal termination. The manner of death refers to the incident to which took place when the death arose. (Suicide, natural causes, accident, and homicide.) This is usually an incorrect understanding that

All the responsibility is for the sheriff department to determine these vital questions; however, this is the responsibility of the coroner. Pronounce the death; scene investigation the coroner conducts an investigation before the body is removed. Make positive identification of a body, this must be done by the coroner which takes skill...

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