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Q1. No.Miss Bella cannot sue the hotel for her lost cat because according to the limitation of the innkeeper's liability in section 4 ‘“No innkeeper shall be liable to make good to any guest of such innkeeper any loss of or injury to goods brought to his inn, not being a horse or other live animal, or any gear appertaining thereto or any car or carriage, to a greater amount than the sum of five hundred ringgit.Based on the statement,it is noted that the Innkeeper Act 1952 set the limitations upon the inkeepers' liability.The liability is not applicable to horse or other live animal,or any gear appertaining thereto or any car or carriage.It means that section 4 is not applicable to Miss Bella pet.In short,an innkeeper's liability for Miss Bella lost cat is not dealt with under the Innkeeper Act.

Q2. Yes.Tune-tune Hotel can be blamed for selling Mr.Baharuddin sewing machine because Tune-tune Hotel have been contravened Inkeepers Act 1952 Section 3 (a),(d) power of sale of goods deposited with innkeeper.In section 3 (a) no such sale shall be made until after the said goods shall have been for the space of six weeks in such charge or custody or in or upon such premises without such debt having been paid or satisfied but Tune-tune Hotel have been contravened the Act because sold the sewing machines of Mr Baharuddin before waiting the goods are been stored within 6 weeks in the Hotel.

Meanwhile Tune-tune Hotel also have contravened the Act in Section 3(d) because have directly sold the sewing machine in a public auction.According to the section has stated at least one month before any such sale the innkeeper shall cause to be inserted in a newspaper circulating in Malaysia an advertisement containing notice of such intended sale, and giving shortly a description of the goods intended to be sold, together with the name of the owner or person who deposited or left the same where known.

Q3. The guest had given the key to the hotel.It was therefore the hotel's...

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