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Legal Systems of Business
• Explain traditional litigation and its application to business transactions.
• Create an alternative dispute resolution best suited to a common business issue.
• Describe how the legal system functions to resolve business problems.
1. Read objectives and welcome.

2. Read Ch. 1, 3, and 4 of Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment.

3. Read the Student Road Map.
4. Read materials posted in course materials.

5. Assignment: ADR Clause for Learning Team Charter

• Prepare an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) clause that can be used by a learning team to resolve disagreements among the learning team members. This ADR clause should be suitable for use by any learning team in any course of your program.

• Include at least one type of ADR in the clause; however, more than one type may be included. The clause must provide all information necessary to define what disputes are subject to ADR and identify all provisions necessary to enable ADR to occur. The clause must also provide all the information needed for the ADR process to work effectively, leaving no question about the process unanswered.

• Write your ADR clause in 350 words or less following APA format.

• Post your assignment as a Microsoft Word attachment.

6. In Class Discussion Questions:
• U.S. legal system contribute to furthering commerce? What would happen if that characteristic were not present in the legal system? Avoid discussing topics already considered by other students.

• Reflect on the traditional litigation system (such as suit, answer, discovery, trial, or jury). What are the risks that businesses and other organizations encounter What is one way the U.S. legal system impacts U.S. businesses? How do specific aspects of the when dealing with traditional litigation, and what measures can business managers take to reduce exposure to those risks?

Alternative dispute resolution is a method that enables parties...

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