Lawrence Benchmarking

Lawrence Benchmarking

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Lawrence Sports Generic Benchmarking
University of Phoenix
MBA 550/Resource Optimization
Instructor Mark Fairbanks
August 18, 2008

Introduction- Krishawn Davis
In today's business environment, in order to maintain financial viability organizations must adhere to the basics of business strategy which is to be profitable and continually increase revenues for shareholders. Working capital is defined as "the assets of a business that can be applied to the operations" or "the amount of current assets which exceed the current liabilities" (Answers, 2007). Working capital management involves the "deployment of current assets and current liabilities as to maximize short-term liquidity" (The Free Dictionary, 2007). The intent of a working capital management policy is to ensure an organization is able to continue business operations and has adequate ability to satisfy both short-term debt and upcoming operational expenses. Simply stated, "good management of working capital will generate cash, improve profits and reduce risks" (Anonymous, 2007).
Lawrence Sports, a manufacturer and distributor of sporting goods equipment, is currently facing a number working capital and cash flow management issues largely related to past due payment of their largest customer, Mayo Stores. This paper will take a closer look at Lawrence Sports' simulation and define metrics to measure the success of the working capital management strategy selected to address the short and long-term financing needs of the organization.
Company Synopses
JP Morgan -Cecily Cornish
JPMorgan (JPM) is a global leader in the wholesale financial services .JPM offers
financial solutions to over 50 countries, such as, 1.asset management, 2.commercial
banking, 3.privante banking, 4.securities services 5.treasury services and 6.investment
banking. JPM is also known as JPMorgan Chase and...

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