Ldr/531 Reflection Week 2

Ldr/531 Reflection Week 2

Team B Week Five Reflection

University of Phoenix

LDR/531 Organizational Leadership

June 4, 2012

Instructor Jerry E. Kuhn

Week Two Leading Individuals covered of valuable information. The objectives were how attitudes and emotions influences behaviors, we explained ways personality and values influence behaviors, and we discussed ways to plan and increase employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance in an organization or workplace. This week identified and elaborated on how a manager, leader, or a person in charge’s attitude and emotions can have a mend over an organization. This week discussion was self-explanatory and our team and classmates discussed this topic in full detail. There were no struggling topics. This week topic can be applied in everyday life. A manager or leader does not have to be in a high position for his or her attitude or emotions to play a role. Each individual is different and a positive attitude can impact any situation.

Separating attitude and emotions in the workplace is difficult to do, but time in position and training can help establish attitude and emotions. Attitudes are declarations and acts of perceptions and beliefs about things or circumstances (Robbins and Judge, 2011). Attitudes offer perspective on how we feel about things as an individual. It is important not to underestimate how employee’s attitude and emotions can influence his or her behaviors and others in the workplace. Communication can alleviate and diffuse employee’s negative attitudes in many cases, but management must be aware and trained on what to look for and how to handle these situations.
Managers struggle with effective ways for companies to monitor employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. Research and performance evaluations are effective ways for corporations to observe employee performance, satisfaction and motivation. If performance evaluations are structured in a...

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