LDR/531 Week Two Team Reflection

LDR/531 Week Two Team Reflection

´╗┐Team C
Sherron Hester-Bello, Mark Diaz, Jason Morrow,
Hadrain Sumpter, & David Wademan

Week 2 Reflection

This week proved to provide a strong foundation for the understanding and the fundamental development of leadership as it pertains to each of us individually. The objectives were clearly outlined and we were all able to effectively compare and contrast leadership theories as well as evaluate the characteristics of established leadership styles. This week was very informative, and an emphasis on the basic structure of leadership was established. We were all able to use real life examples to retain a strong grasp on the key concepts.

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This week it was very intriguing to learn about the different leadership theories and characteristics of different leadership styles. One of the styles of leadership that stood out was the charismatic leadership style. Charisma is more likely to be attributed to a leader who acts in an unconventional way to achieve a vision (Yukl, 2013). People view leaders as charismatic that achieve goals that seem unreachable. They have trust in these leaders because of the self confidence they attain, and the strong belief in the visions #they may have. Leaders are more likely to be viewed as charismatic if they make self-sacrifices for the benefit of followers, and they take personal risks to incur high costs to achieve the vision they espose (Yukl, 2013). It was very interesting to read how people view leaders, and the characteristics these leaders have to gain followers and make people believe in their visions and commit to them the way they do.

We also have learned on what it takes to be a leader and have leadership qualities. Is a person born as a leader or can then become a leader with training and mentoring. Many question and theories was introduced this week. Most possess the same traits of becoming a leader. One definitions of a trait of having...

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