Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

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B6018 Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
Assignment Part 1

The following paragraphs describe several issues that related to organisational behaviour in Company A. The major characters involve here are a Business Controller (similar to Finance Director role), an Operations Manager, and a Business Analyst.

Issue 1.
Two years ago, the working relationship for the Finance Department in Company A was as follows. Under the Business Controller, there were four team members: an Operations Manager in charge of supply chain and pricing, a Sales Analyst covering sales analysis, and two Accountants doing accounting and reporting. All the four team members reported to the Business Controller directly, while the Sales Analyst dotted line reported to the Operations Manager.
The current Business Controller joined Company A two years ago, after the previous Business Controller moved to another company. The new Business Controller re-organized the team right after she joined. She promoted the Sales Analyst to Business Analyst to take additional responsibilities. However, in the new working relationship, the Business Analyst now directly reported to the Operations Manager, instead of the Business Controller.
Although it was a promotion with substantial increment in compensation, the Business Analyst was not happy. He felt that he was devalued in the team, as the only organizational change that the new Business Controller made to the team was no longer require the Business Analyst report to her. He was also very confused by the message sent from the new Business Controller. A promotion comes with reporting to a lower level manager sounds pretty weird.

Issue 2.

The Business Analyst was keen to develop his job to Financial Analyst role, which participates more in the finance and financial analysis tasks. However, the new Business Controller required him to take up more supply chain related works, and assigned the entire finance related job to the Operations...

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