Leadership & Change Management Research Worksheet

Leadership & Change Management Research Worksheet

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Leadership and Change Management Research Worksheet
Johnny Utah
University of Phoenix
MBA 520

1- MSLI Organization – Span of Control
Clearly a negative indicator for the Sales Organization in MSLI is the presence of an aggressive flat structure – wide span of control. Sales force experience difficulties to identify who is responsible for failures and/or success. Also, it manifests unhealthy competition for resources and power due to non-authority of functional groups at headquarters over sales product groups below.
Based on the definition of McShane &Von Glinow: “Span of control is the number of people directly reporting to the next level in the organizational hierarchy” (2005, p.99). Under these conditions, the sales force is not getting the adequate level of support needed. To pump the volume, the existence of a wide separation of physical locations makes the sales environment a complete chaos.
The company needs to re-evaluate and re-calibrate how the span of control is present throughout its verticals and disciplines. It should not be generalize, as one shirt size fits all, because what might work for one company or one organizational level might not stand true for others. It is very important to decide whether a narrower or wider span of structure is more appropriate.
Based on the lack of the sales field support in which provided slow revenue to MSLI, the company decided to invest and re-calibrated by territory its field support and expanded a new tier of mid management dedicated to field support. The investment paid off by reducing the sales delay and revamping the revenue flow for the organization.

2- Worldwide Trading Organization – Upward Feedback
Worldwide Trading was experiencing high turnover rates during 2007 fiscal year. Based
on the employee’s feedbacks, it was deducted the environment was not providing any type of venting or inputs from their employees. The company was astonished by how easy some turnovers would...

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