Leadership Concep

Leadership Concep

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Leadership Concepts Worksheet
Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation Reference to Concept in Reading
Analyze the influence of Leadership
Styles on Individual Performance
Transformational Perspective Leadership
Determining strategic business needs – customers, growth, cost reduction and technology
Reviewing organizational structure, dynamics and systems
Defining the strategic implications for HR continuous learning, teamwork and empowerment
Leveraging HR capability through leading-edge-practice and leadership, staffing, performance, management and education; and devising high-level FR initiatives for special needs such as workforce planning and downsizing Need for situational control
Implicit Leadership
Analyze the influence of leadership styles on Individual performance

The shared expectations process of who should rule;

Communicate their expectations of one another.
Set priorities on their expectations;
Score actual performance versus expected performance for each expectation
Review gaps between expected performance and actual performance
Drive improvement by creating action plans and developing measures to track progress in closing the performance gaps
Agree on follow-u[ procedures to ensure continual improvement Implicit Leadership
Cross Cultural and Gender issues

Identifying Human Resource systems – those that were required to support organizational structural and cultural change
Transformational versus Transactional
Leadership INTEGRATING Human Resource processes is also enabled by a network of business-unit planning councils, or labor-management partnerships.
This writer will analyze some situations of the Gene One’s scenario applied to specific concepts of the organizational culture, knowledge management and effective teamwork through cooperation, trust and cohesiveness.

Leadership Concepts Worksheet

Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation Reference to Concept...

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