Leadership Concept

Leadership Concept

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Teri Robertson, CTO of GeneOne, believe she is the main reason why Gene One has flourish these past eight years, with little help from the marketing team. Her defensive attitude had made a negative impact on the team, by not willing to listen to new ideas from her team members. Team members cooperation can be improve if all team members past achievements are being recognize. It is a fact that without Teri’s product there would be no Gene One, but she needs to realize, without the marketing team her product would not go anywhere. “Cooperation is a joint action that may be for mutual economic or other benefit, or, in ecology, that has survival value for the parties. Coerced cooperation can exist since the party that is coerced benefits by avoiding penalty” (Cooperation, 2010).


The GeneOne leadership team is falling apart, because board members have different vision for the organization. Not even being in the room for more than an hour, board members would ultimately attach each other for having different vision for the organization.
Gene One leadership need to take a look at each member’s different ideas and find a common ground so as a one leadership team can accomplish a common goal. “Cohesiveness is a process whereby a sense of ‘we-ness’ emerges to transcend individual differences and motives.” Cohesive group members stick together for one or both of the following reasons: (1) because they enjoy each other’s company or (2) because they need each other to accomplish a common goal” (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004, para. 44).

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a corporate company and GeneOne needs to realize that being able to come up with new technologies can lead major breakthrough in science. As mention by Michelle during the meeting, there are many areas of opportunities for the organization that could really put Gene One’s name in public, and that is by doing cancer research.
Even though GeneOne is a plant and...

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