Leadership is the desire and ability to inspire individual achievement, while a leader is just a guy at the top of the heap worried about his own
- Keith Mullen

As the article passage states, "leadership has no true definition." It can not be define, only showed. Even though i do not have a concrete meaning of the word, i can honestly say that i am a leader in my on right. For the past four years i have been a captain on the SELU basketball team. We went through tough times and it was up to me to lead my team. I could have lead us into the grave or i could have lead us to fighting every game as if our life depended on it. My teammates followed and we went out swinging. Granted, i knew i was a leader on the team but i did not lead because guys were scared of me. I encourage others to try harder and do their best to achieve the goal we set as a team.
The above quote is a great example of the difference between leadership and being a leader. I have shown examples of both and i am not afraid to say so. But i have inspired a lot more people than i have been worried about my own. My leadership skills has helped and will continue to help others achieve and be successful.
With all this being said a leader to me is one who motivates people to achieve success and their goals in the most honest way possible.

My two scores on the leadership matrix activity was a 8 and a 7. I feel the exercise was accurate because i was under the quadrant of team leadership. I have been the team captain of the men’s basketball for the past four years so I know what it takes to lead a team. My concern for others is what I received a seven on. I feel this is accurate but I do not believe I have to improve here. I say that because I have actually seen where leaders care to much for other people and never get the task or main goal completed. I thrive on completing every task or goal that I set for myself.

The way I will develop the five characteristics I can progress in is start...

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