Leading Affects Morale

Leading Affects Morale

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Jacinta Arevalo
Principles of Management
Professor Pinkham
October 17,2009
Planning is determining organizational goals for achieving them. Planning can also be best described as ways to improve performance, and encourage people to work harder for extended periods and most importantly companies that have larger profits and faster growth. Managers and employees to direct their efforts towards activities that help accomplish their goals. It encourages the development of task strategies to improve the performance of people, but also to develop and set goals and strategies for achieving them.

Leading Affects Morale
The way a manager leads greatly affects employee morale within the department and company as a whole. Managers should create a climate that encourages new ideas and employee input. The more the employees feel that they have a say in the company, the more they will be willing to share ideas and attempt to find better ways to improve processes. For example, a good manager may reward employees with monetary or benefit incentives if they can increase output of a product. Another idea is a treasure box of goodies. Managers can set a goal early in the week and employees who meet the goal by the end of the week are allowed to take a prize from the treasure box.
Leading is Key to Effective Communication
For a manager to be an effective leader, he or she must also be an effective communicator. A manager that shares information and lets employees know the latest news in the company is someone that is deemed trustworthy by his or her employees. Employees feel little loyalty or trust towards a manager who does not readily give out information.

Leading Effectively Contributes More to the Bottom Line
An effective leader inspires employees, which allows those employees to feel like they are making a meaningful contribution to the company. Satisfied employees generally work harder and take more ownership in their job positions. This...

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