Leading Brands by Romanian Internet Users

Leading Brands by Romanian Internet Users

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Leading Brands by Romanian Internet Users 2010

February 2010

Table of contents
About the study Aim of the study Research method Executive summary Results 3 4 5 11 14

Leading Brand features / Online Presence features
Romanian brands Brands in product categories Banks and insurance

18 22 23

Personal care/cosmetics
Auto Telecommunications Appendix - correlations on indices Demographic profile

33 38 43 45
2 2 2

About the study

Aim of the study
Goal of the study The report shows the results of a study conducted in Romania by Gemius in partnership with Evensys. Two main goals were achieved as a result of the study:  indication of the leading brands in various categories as perceived by Romanian internet users  discovering which brands have the greatest online presence in the opinion of Romanian internet users  insight into the influence on their ranking of the online presence of brands from four product categories.
4 4

The study also identifies the perception of the characteristics determining a leading and online brand.

Research method (I)
Study 2010 - Method The applied research method was developed based on the experience and feedback gained from similar studies conducted in 2009 and 2008. The research data was gathered between 14th to 25th January 2010 using the CAWI (computer-assisted web interviewing) method. Invitations to take part in the survey were displayed randomly to internet users visiting selected websites belonging to the following publishers: eJobs.ro, EuropaFM.ro, HotNews.ro, Radio21.ro, Rol.ro, SapteSeri.ro and Wall-Street.ro. Target group Sample size The target group of the study are Romanian internet users aged 18-45. The final sample (N) consists of 2,400 questionnaires completed by Romanian internet users aged 18-45.
5 5 5

Research method (IV)
Analytical weights In order to ensure representativeness of data for the Romanian online population aged 18-45, the results of the...

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