Leading Change for Organizational Goals

Leading Change for Organizational Goals

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Running Head: Leading Change Simulation

Leading Change Simulation
University of Phoenix
April 16, 2007

Leading Change Simulation
Organizational change thrives to the degree that employees within the organization, themselves change. Change management requires comprehension of how employees change because organizational change is based on changes in each employee.
The insinuation that employees change tends to transpire over an unlimited period of time, as employees adapt and absorb change. That means that those implicated in facilitating or leading organizational change must anticipate there will be extended periods of modification in the organization.
Leading change in any organization is an enormous undertaking. A significant issue that must be planned for is the diverse reactions of people to any change – perceived as advantageous or otherwise. In the “Leading Change” simulation results indicated a plan showing CrysTel Communications executives how to deal with the impact of the introduction of a new service to wireless customers. The CrysTel Communications management team examined how the distinctive elements of an organization are interrelated. Change management strategies were identified to handle the impact on the departments involved in the change management process, ways to minimize resistance and the determination that an important element of change management is evolution. The use of a unified communication in business process simplifies work and enhances productivity and will consequently trigger changes in business process. (Lippis, N. 2007)
Planning for change is essential. Lacking the appropriate knowledge of how people and processes will be impacted, managing change productively is difficult. For a smooth change, employees must be conscious of the need to change and its implications.

The purpose of the “Leading Change” simulation was to evaluate the effect that a change...

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