Leading Marines

Leading Marines

Leading marines
Book written by C.E. Mundy

This report is based upon the book leading marines, written by C.E. Mundy. Published August 28th 1999 by DIANE Publishing Company

About the Authur

C.E. Mundy was a Four Star General in the united states Marine corps. MUNDY Served 38 years of active duty, 4 of which he was the commandant of the marine corps. He fought in both the vietnam and cold war. During his service he recieved both the purple heart and bronze star along with other awards. After he retired he served as the president and ceo of the uso. Currently he is the chairman of the marine corps university foundation.


Leading Marines is a mixture and a collage of past marines and thier efforts to become leaders. Many of thier storys showed that thier actions were made in haste and during the heat of battle. These stories of courage and valor helped glorify the marine corps and the training put on each marine. It gave the already emphasized differance between other military forces. The first story about the marine in France said that the nurse could tell that he was different because of his shave. It wasnt enough to be recognized as an american troop, but a marine. The moral adds that marines have a higher calling. Not just to ones self but to the institution, the marine corps. The book gives many more examples and storys, but they all tie together to the Foundation of true leadership. Leadership has many characteristics the most broad ones are honor courage and commitment. The phrase "every marine a rifleman" comes from the fact that every marine knows how to fight, because of bootcamp. During the fight out from the frozen Chosin in 1950, a military observer watched with astonishment as gunners from a Marine Artillery gun crew integrated with cooks, bakers, and clerks to form a rifle platoon under the command of a lieutenant from motor transport, functioned perfectly as part of a rifle company. The will to win battles comes from within...

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