Leading Marines

Leading Marines

MCWP 6-11

Leading Marines

U.S. Marine Corps
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27 Nov 2002
MCWP 6-11
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Headquarters United States Marine Corps
Washington, D.C. 20380-1775
3 January 1995

The most important responsibility in our Corps is leading
Marines. If we expect Marines to lead and if we expect
Marines to follow, we must provide the education of the
heart and of the mind to win on the battlefield and in the
barracks, in war and in peace. Traditionally, that education
has taken many forms, often handed down from Marine to
Marine, by word of mouth and by example.
Our actions as Marines every day must embody the
legacy of those who went before us. Their memorial to
us—their teaching, compassion, courage, sacrifices,
optimism, humor, humility, commitment, perseverance,
love, guts, and glory—is the pattern for our daily lives.
This manual attempts to capture those heritages of the
Marine Corps' approach to leading. It is not prescriptive
because there is no formula for leadership. It is not
all-inclusive because to capture all that it is to be a Marine
or to lead Marines defies pen and paper. Instead, it is
intended to provide those charged with leading Marines a
sense of the legacy they have inherited, and to help them

come to terms with their own personal leadership style.
The indispensable condition of Marine Corps leadership is
action and attitude, not words. As one Marine leader said,
"Don't tell me how good you are. Show me!"
Marines have been leading for over 200 years and today
continue leading around the globe. Whether in the field or
in garrison, at the front or in the rear, Marines, adapting the
time-honored values, traditions, customs, and history of our
Corps to their...

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