Learner record (Supervision in early childhood care)

Learner record (Supervision in early childhood care)

Work Experience day 1 May 6. 2014 09.15 – 12.15

My first day at the pre-school was most definitely a ‘baptism of fire’ which was thanks to after Easter come back to all of the village schools and a huge traffic jam which I got stuck in on the way to work.

I was feeling extremely nervous (like I will sit my final exam) but my nerves were eased as soon as I went into the room to be greeted by the friendly faces of the Directress Kelly and teacher Marion whom both I had previously known because my youngest son was lucky one to graduate this brilliant school.

When I first arrived the children were all busy doing art under Marion’s supervision/help or playing in the toy corner with cars and trains. My appearance caused a little distraction. All the kids were quite interested in who this new lady was. So I introduced myself to the kids and explained to them that I was here for a while to watch them doing their work and learn from Marion. That satisfied them and I was at once accepted. I asked them to assist me through my learning process. It was amazing all the children made me all feel welcome.

So after 10-15 minutes of my observing, I asked one little boy Oscar if he needed assistance with his painting. To my surprise he agreed. All the other kids around the table were straight away interested in the ‘new-lady’ and would like me to help them too. So we all worked together as team and created an amazing bunch of surreal-colored jelly fish. As soon as this activity was finished I asked Marion if she would like me to help with the children in the bathroom to wash their faces and hands. She was very glad to get extra hands to help. I found it very interesting to watch kids during Marion class.

When we were all returned to room it was time to tidy up. What really caught my attention was the music that Marion put on (she turned on CD with Frank Sinatra music) to speed up a job and at the same time to learn about the singer. Two...

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