Learning 2.0

Learning 2.0

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Learning 2,0 and the use of Learner Centred Technology..... are you making the shift?

Most of us have moved seamlessly into the Web 2,0 era – where interactive information sharing, online collaboration and user-centred design on the web are the order of the day. We also effortlessly interact with and rely on technology daily, using our PC’s, Laptops, Netbooks, PDA’s, Smartphones, Mobile phones, MP3’s, iPods – you name it. In this world of technology, where information or knowledge or answers are just a click (or online person) away – the burning question is:

Has learning in your organisation made enough of a shift and is learning as mobile as your employees?

The most successful learning outcome is the one which answers a question, provides a solution or meets a need – either just before, or just after it is required. The first one is called Just-in Time Learning, and the second one, Just-too-Late Learning, both powerful moments in time where the learning is both profound and enduring.

Imagine you are about to go into a sales call, and just want to go over the features and benefits of the product you are proposing to the client – wouldn’t it be great if you could access this information instantly via your mobile device – ‘just -in-time’ to make the sale? Or maybe, you make a presentation to the client that totally bombs – and after the fact you access the “top 10 success factors for a good sales presentation”, again via your mobile device of choice? – It’s just too late – but boy does the learning stick!

What if, though an organisational social network, you could discuss your work challenges, get your online contacts to offer their opinions, advice and share their learning on the topic? This is how the world of wiki’s and blogs works – and it quickly creates learning communities around common issues and challenges. Why bring people to a presentation in one location, when it can be offered via a webinar (web based seminar) – at very short notice,...

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