Learning Action Plan (Part 1)

Learning Action Plan (Part 1)

Exercise 1 Worksheet: Learning Action Plan (Part 1)

Save this worksheet to your computer with the filename "Your_Name_Exercise_1."

Create a unique learning action plan to guide you through your academic career as a student at the University of Phoenix.

Complete the table by answering the following questions about skills and habits of a successful student.

Submit the completed worksheet as an attachment via the Assignment Files tab.

In this exercise, you will reflect on what it takes to be a successful student at the University of Phoenix. You will reflect on traits and habits that lead to academic achievement. You will also start thinking about your personal learning environment and how to prepare for the unexpected obstacles that could hinder your success. You may have started this conversation with your grad team. This reflection activity helps solidify conversations into an actionable plan. We strongly encourage you to print out your learning action plan and refer to it throughout your educational career.

Traits of Successful Students
What are five traits of a successful student at the University of Phoenix?
Authentic , Responsible, Self-Aware of Strengths and Learning Styles, Persistent and Collaborative
What are the sacrifices you perceive you will make while you are in school?
Family Time.
How will you adjust your priorities?
Use a goal-setting strategies and keep in mind that school is one of my priorities.
Where will you study?
I will study at home.
How will you take care of yourself while you are in school (i.e. reduce stress, stay healthy)
I will try to stay healthy and sleep 8h.
Resources Available:
Student Success Resource Page
Student Workshops

Time Management
How long will it take you to complete your program?

(Click on the Program tab for specific information about your program.)
2 years
What is your work schedule?
7:30 am to 5:30pm
What are your other time commitments?
6:00 to 7:00 Gym...

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