Learning and Development

Learning and Development

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MODULE TITLE: Learning and Development


Table of Contents Pages

What is training and development 3
Benefits of Systematic Training 4-7
Kolb’s experiential learning cycle 7-9
Role of the Trainee 9
Identifying Training Needs 12-14
Evaluation 15-18
Summary 19
Bibliography 20


Human Resources are organization greatest resources. For an organization to realize its full potential factors such as motivation, leadership, communication, work structuring, payments systems and training/development, it must be addressed to deal with the modern issues which management has to faced on a daily basis.

What is training and development?

Training and development should be strategically integrated with the organization corporate strategy and thus term Human Resource Development or strategic “HRD”.

The compass of training and development actions as in any organization depends on the policies and strategies of the organization. In many organizations the least amount of staff training and development is carried out because often most time in relation to the organization policies, Human Resource Management Teams prefer to recruit staffs that are already trained or professionally qualified. Some organizations are prepared to pay for skilled staff and what they put into recruitment, selection, pay and benefits and are not able to provide for into their staff training and development.

Learning and Development should therefore be strategically integrated with all other functions in the organization and should form part of the organization culture.

The preponderance of organizations has policies already in place on training and development. Such organization provides resources to ensure that their input of...

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