Learning Styles and Personality Types

Learning Styles and Personality Types


Malaika McClendon




Learning Styles and Personality types shows the process of communication and collaboration among different people. It is important to see the different learning styles, you should also learn a strategitie to communicate and collaborate among them to reach what your goal maybe. I will take a Sociological, Auditory, and Visual as just a few learning styles and a Thinker, Organizer, and Giver as different personality types and some strategies to collaborate and communicate about them.

Sociological learning can be described as using groups, with a lot of conversations about the material that they are trying to learn. Some of the best ways to communicate with this learning style is to develop group learning sessions. This would give the sociological learner a chance to go over material in a group setting. Developing a debating learning experience will have a better affect on maintaining information, by socializing with one another.

Auditory learner would rather listen then talk. They absorb the information better by constrating on the information. Noise and sound are very distracting to an auditory learning, so having an instructor that would give a lot of reading assignments is not a good match for this type of learning style. This type of person does really well with remembering conversations, but my not remember your name or your face. They would rather read explanation out loud to fully comprehend the information. Music is also very helpful in their learning process; they would also enjoy having the information on audio tapes so when they’re driving they can listen to the information. Having a study group would benefit them very well; they could use discussing the material to get involved more. They could also learn a sequence such as writing it down then reading it aloud for to them. So reading is not a great way for this type of leaner to study is do assignments.

Visual learners...

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