Learning Styles and Strategies

Learning Styles and Strategies


My Learning Style

Todd Overstreet

Liberty University

My learning type is mostly well balanced among sensing, reflective, active and intuitive learning. The outcomes of my assessment did not amaze me at all. I understand that I learn best when someone shows me how to do an assignment versus reading instructions from the text. I think that the evaluation of my very own assessment was in fact acceptable and the questions that were asked of me were in relation to the procedure. I think that my assessment results were in fact precise. As a student, the instructional approach that works the best for me is the visual learning method. I would use this method in the classroom with charts, films, games, graphs, pictures, and other visual aids that could be of great help.

In order to assist students that do not comprehend in the same exact way, a teacher must also include other approaches inside classroom, to assist each one of the diverse learning styles that students have. This would also involve utilizing the reflective learning approach by providing the student an opportunity to think about a particular topic and then arrive at a conclusion. Then they would bring it to the class as a discussion. It would also involve directing the verbal learning style by assigning reading materials of different kinds so that the student could discuss it in the classroom. An evaluation assessment could be given in the class which would utilize each student’s learning style. This approach would specify the learning style of each of the students, giving the teacher vital information about her students learning habits and skills. “This valuable information could then be used to help improve the class materials so that each student is assisted properly.”(Pritchard)

There are a lot of different technologies available that can be beneficial in today’s classroom to assist the...

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