Learning to Drive a Big Truck

Learning to Drive a Big Truck

Learning how drive a big truck has always been a dream to me. I never thought I could do it because that’s what everybody tells me. (Driving a truck is not for everyone. Have you ever been inside one of those things? Do you know how many gauges are on the dashboard?) But there was something inside me that kept saying; you can do it! Not to mention the challenge and the fact the once I get my commercial driver’s license I would be embarking into a solid career.

Sometimes learning new things could be intimidating, but I love the challenge. So I made an appointment with the recruiting office at the driving school. They told me all the details about getting my commercial drivers license and about becoming a truck driver. I thought about all the pros and cons and decided to go ahead and do it.

My first day in driving school, I showed up late due to a real bad accident on the highway. A gasoline tanker had fallen from the overpass and exploded. At first I thought that was a bad sign. I wanted to know what happened to the driver. Did he survive? When I got to school they didn’t even know who I was. Now I am thinking; what am I doing here? I found out later that the recruiting office hadn’t sent my information to the school yet. I also found out that the driver of the tanker that exploded earlier was in critical condition in the hospital with burns over ninety percent of his body. So far not so good. Now I have even more questions about this new career that I was so excited about.

After a couple of days I went do the Department of Motor Vehicles to get my learner’s permit. No problems there, I took the three written tests in one day. In order to get a Class A license I had to study General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination Vehicle. I also had to submit to a physical exam and a drug screen.

Finally I got in the truck for the first time. That was a great feeling. I was very excited to be sitting on the driver’s seat of an eighteen wheeler but also very...

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