Learning a Little Bit More About Someone's Background

Learning a Little Bit More About Someone's Background

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Noemi Diaz
Febuary 24, 2009
Mrs. Bucka
Period 5 English III


The purpose for this interview is so that I can learn a little bit more about you and your back round. This interview is going toward my High School junior research project…. So no worries anything you tell me will not be used against you so feel free to tell me anything…

1. What part of Chile were you born?

I was born in Santiago Chile.

2. Did your parents ever tell you about how they met, or how they fell in love?

Yes they went to school together they fell in love and ran away to get married

3. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?

I was 25 when I fell in love for the very first time and he became my husband and the father of my children.

4. How different was life for you when you moved from Chile to the United States?

My life was different in so May ways I came here with my girls and my husband with practically nothing. We were so used to having a good life but we wanted a better one so in 1991 my husband and I decided to come and live here so that we can give our children the best life possible.

5. How was your life before General Agusto Pinochet established his dictatorship, and why?
My life was good before the Pinochet Dictatorship I had no worries and just living life trying to raise my family.

6. How and or why did General Pinochet take power over Chile?
I really don’t remember all the details all I remember is how bad life got with him in office.

7. Did you guys have any idea that something like that would ever happen, why or why not?

At the time I was never really all into it so as for me I don’t think I was expecting it...

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