Learning a New Language Is Difficult

Learning a New Language Is Difficult

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It is very difficult to learn any new language. If a person wants to learn then he or she will have to pass through very difficult ways. I think there are many difficulties IN learning a new language. A person who wants to learn a new language should not be shy but be confident. A person who has these two qualities can learn otherwise not. Most of the time a new language learner, speaks in AN INCORRECT way and people may laugh at him. If a new language learner can find out good friends who have A command OF that LANGUAGE, then it can be easy to learn. Good friendS will never laugh at a new language learner. Hence, learning a new language becomes very easy.

A new language learner should have a good teacher. If A teacher is available then it is going to be easy. A Teacher always gives the right direction. For instance, if an English learner has a teacher, then THE teacher tells him or her grammar rules and other aspects to speak and write in a correct way. A Teacher also DEVELOPS the LEARNER'S confidence. For a new language learner it is THE most important thing.

If a person, who wants to learn English but does not LIVE IN AN English speaking ENVIRONMENT, then a person cannot speak. A person who doesn’t have thIS ENVIRONMENT from their childhood cannot speak the new language. For example English is banned in many countries. Therefore, the citizens who live there cannot speak English. When they come to THE United States of America they all find THE ENVIRONMENT and speak good English.

The WORST PROBLEM IN learnING a new language is to find good books and classes. With the help of books and classes people can practice WRITTEN and spoken English. For example, if I want to find success in TOEFL than first of all I have to find good English books and classes.

FINALLY I would like to say if a person who doesn’t have all these difficulties then THEY can be IN CONTROL OF learning A NEW language.

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