Leaving Home

Leaving Home

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Shyaka Aziz Farid
Essay II Draft II


Teenagers rebel against their parents because they want to experience life on their own. By doing so, they want to be independent from their parents and become responsible of their actions. After all those phases they become more mature by thinking from themselves and relaying on their own capabilities. Which is a positive impact on their lives and their capacity to learn from their actions.

My first rebellion to my parents made me learn to live without their help. Before living in the United States, I was living with my brother, where I spent almost three years. I lived there as a guest because most of the time I was at school or working. Before living with my brother, I was staying at my stepfather’s house. I had to leave there because we had different outlooks of what I should become. As a result, I started to think away of leaving home. Making the decision was not easy, as I had no sufficient means of supporting myself and live by my own. As I had no choice, I left and started to make my own way. That was a beginning to evolution of taking my responsibilities.

My stepfather works in the army and he wanted me to pursue military studies. Since I am passionate with design, I wasn’t interested with his wish. Later on I disagreed with him on that. As the one that provided everything to me, I was supposed to follow him blindly in everything he told me to do. As a consequence I had to find a way of paying for my tuition. Six month after high school I got a job as a clerk of a construction site. As I was earning some money, and having where to sleep at my brother’s house after leaving my stepfather’s one, now I was able to pursue my dreams of becoming a designer. Proving them wrong about being successful in my passion, I scored high and I was admitted in an architecture school. From that, I grow a character of hard working and focusing on more on my goals. I started to believe...

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