left my heart in jakarta

left my heart in jakarta

I left my heart in Jakarta

This thing we had between us was a hate and love relationship. These words are the best thing that could describes my feelings for you. You and me are the perfect combination, although sometimes I just need a break from you. Complaining is the thing that I always do to you. People said that regret comes in the end, and now I just realized how much you meant to me. You have all the aspect that could make me smile, and you also have the things that made me wants to leave you and go to another one. Nothing is perfect I guess.

I miss you. I wasn’t sure when was the first time we met, although I know that when I open my eyes for the first time you already there waiting for me. I went to another you, and when I came back, you welcome me and give a smile on my face. You and me were like best friend since I was a little girl, even if I know that you are not mine only. Not complaining, just bring the best in people’s life, and the aspects that made you unique are the aspect that made me miss you. I always complaining about you, although I realize that the thing that I’ve complained about is actually the thing that I miss the most about you.

You are the most important aspect from me, because you bring the best in me and you were there when I grew up. Not afraid is actually the word that I could describe when you’re around. Although, your busyness kind a make me feel like I’m going to explode. The weather around you is just so humid and sometimes I just can’t handle. You never sleep, it seems like people are always going around you and it is always crowded. Too many things happened and you have too many conflicts that relates to you. I used to felt like I want to leave you as soon as I was graduated from my high school. That moment I was thinking that, it would be nice to go far from you, to go far from the busyness you have, and to be apart from your conflict.

But now I am here, looking through my window and miss the crowded and...

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