Left with the Huge Task

Left with the Huge Task

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In all organisations, the HR department is always left with the huge task of recruiting new employees. Although with thing snow changing, the process of applicant selection is now becoming more of a public relations task. Both procedures also have to comply with the growing list of discrimination laws and legislations.

I will be talking of the example used in the report and show how the HR department deals with employment issues and recruitment policies.

Creating a recuitment policy

The recruitment and selection decision is of prime importance as the its used for obtaining the best possible person to fit the job fit. It is also becoming increasingly important, as the Company evolves and changes, that new recruits show a willingness to learn, adaptability and ability to work as part of a team. The Recruitment & Selection procedure should help managers to ensure that these criteria are addressed. It should include the following things to ensure their are no problems:

• be fair and consistent

• be non-discriminatory on the grounds of sex, race, age, religion or disability

• conform to statutory regulations and agreed best practice

• to consider internal employee’s aswell and enable them to be promoted and given training

• Look at the skills and qualifications necessary for an individual to be able to do the job

Are vacancie’s nessecary

Vacancies are created by numerous ways within the organisation. They can be created by a current employee leaving the organisation, the comapny creating a new postion, or reorganising the company. Most companies will jump straight to the idea and will, opt for recruiting a new employee without all the alternatives that could be considered, especially as substantial savings can be made by not recruiting or replacing and here  are some alternatives.

Removing obsolete job positions

Some jobs in organsations will less likely in competetive times, show insuffient value, and will the...

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