Legal Case Studies

Legal Case Studies

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Due Dates: Study Period 3, 2010
Assignment due: Monday 1st November, 11:45pm
Question 1

X, from a country town in South Australia, sent a fax message to Y who lived in the capital city Adelaide, saying “Would you consider renting your townhouse to me for the month of March for the Adelaide Festival of Arts? Please advise lowest rent acceptable to you.”

Y replied by fax to X, “I am considering renting my townhouse in Adelaide for next March. Lowest rent would be $250 a day.”

X then asked Y, “Would you hold the townhouse for me”?
Y replied, “Certainly”.

Two days later X sent the following fax message, “I will be very pleased to pay your asking rent of $250 per day. I will assume that if I do not hear from you to the contrary by Monday February 6 that the town house is mine for March.”

On Tuesday February 7 Y sent X a fax message saying, “Sorry, my town house is not available to you for next March.”

Due to a problem with Y’s fax machine X did not receive Y’s last fax message and X duly arrived at Y’s town house in March demanding the key.

State, giving reasons for your answer, whether X is entitled under the law of contract to stay in Y’s townhouse in March.

Question 2

Cain and Able were two refugees from Afghanistan. They were living in temporary accommodation in Australia when a visiting counsellor, Joan, interviewed them. After several interviews Joan became friendly with Cain and Able and offered to assist them to obtain permanent accommodation. After several months good quality permanent city accommodation was found. Cain and Able were happy in their new accommodation which was subsidised by the government. Their friendship with Joan continued to develop.
After several months Cain and Able could not find employment and became depressed as they struggled to pay every day expenses.

Joan then told Cain and Able that she had just renovated a houseboat she owned which was on the River...

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