Legal Considerations Checkpoint

Legal Considerations Checkpoint

Legal Considerations

I used a document detailing Windows 7™ driver availability for a sound card I purchased last year from Creative Labs. The document is as follows:

Windows 7™ Introduction
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Windows 7 is the operating system after the Windows Vista from Microsoft. For what's new in Windows 7 compared to other operating systems from Microsoft, click here.

Meanwhile, the new drivers which Creative will offer are created to fully maximise your experience while utilizing your Creative products on the Windows 7 platform. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to check for new updates on Creative's support for Windows 7.

We have also compiled some information on Creative's plans for this new operating system and you can view them through the following articles:
 Windows 7 FAQ
 Windows 7 - Driver Availability Chart For Creative Products
For more information on Windows 7, you may wish to refer to the following websites:
 Microsoft Windows 7 Home
 Microsoft Technet
 Microsoft Developer Network
Last updated: March 26th, 2009

This document respects copyright, trademark, as well as liability law. The use of the TM citation as well as various links to Microsoft’s website are included, as is an entire page of copyright and trademark information where all credit is given to outside sources other than Creative Labs. This link can be found here. With adequate use of references or legal citations for all copyrighted and trademarked material used within Creative’s support website, there really aren’t any legal issues to consider. I think they’ve done a good job on keeping this document completely legal.

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