Legal, Ehtical and Social Responsibility's Through Boeing

Legal, Ehtical and Social Responsibility's Through Boeing

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Boeing’s Legal, Ethical, and Social Responsibility’s

Management 330

January 25, 2010

Boeing’s Legal, Ethical, and Social Responsibility’s
In companies today there are many difficult tasks that managers must deal with. Managers have much more on their plate today than they did in the past. With the economy in turmoil managers have to protect their jobs now more than ever. Managers must become experts in their field. One of the tasks that managers must master is planning. We as managers must plan for the past, present, and future. When managers plan they must take more into consideration than the obvious. The days of just planning board meetings and company events are a thing of the past. Managers now must plan for legality issues, ethical issues, and social responsibility. All of these issues have risen to the top of a manager’s daily planner. In a company such as Boeing managers have to deal with these issues on a daily basis. In this paper the writer will walk the reader through the legal, ethical, and social responsibilities of Boeing.
The Making of Boeing
Boeing was an afterthought of four guys’ with four different ideas. William Boeing began building float planes in Seattle Washington; Donald Douglas began building bombers, and passenger transports in Santa Monica California, James McDonnell began building jet fighters in St. Louis Missouri, and James Kindelberger began building trainers in Los Angeles California. Although each of these men had different ideas, and lived their separate lives without knowing each other in 1967 two of them struck up a deal. Donald Douglas and James McDonnell merged together and formed the McDonnell Douglas Corporation. In 1996 the late William Boeing was a name of the past, but his company still thrived, and another deal was struck up. This deal was to merge the McDonnell Douglas Corporation with Boeing. After negotiations of nearly a year the deal went through in August of 1997 (, 2010). Since...

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