Legal Issues in Reduction in Workforce

Legal Issues in Reduction in Workforce

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Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce

University of Phoenix

FastServe Incorporated

FastServe Incorporated is in the industry of direct marketing branded sports apparel and has decided to join the 21st century by launching a website that allows for easier access for consumers and sales tracking (University of Phoenix, scenario, 2008). Unfortunately, the website became too data intensive and ultimately failed; this failure resulted in catastrophic losses that necessitated the termination of several employees. These employees have been placed into a group of candidates that cover a spectrum of potential legalities and lawsuits and must be handled carefully in order to prevent litigation for FastServe Inc.

Initial analysis of the candidates shows strengths and weaknesses for each employee, but FastServe Inc. only has room for two employees to stay on board to be retained and reassigned to different positions. The remaining three employees must be terminated with severance packages and management must ensure that further litigation does not result from the actions taken by FastServe Inc. Table 1-1 outlines each employees strengths and weaknesses as well as potential discrimination acts that would be carried out if the employee chooses to file under the Civil Rights Act.

Table 1-1

|Employee |Strengths and Weaknesses |Legal Issues at Risk |
|Carl Haimes |Strong worker that can easily be |Sexual preference discrimination |
| |transferred to a different division with |A quarter of the states, however, and numerous |
| |minimal collateral costs to the company. |cities do forbid discrimination based on sexual |

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