Legalization of Marijuana and Other Drugs Around the World

Legalization of Marijuana and Other Drugs Around the World

Legalization of Marijuana

Approximately ninety percent of people today smoke, or have smoked marijuana. There are several names for this natural plant that is trying to be balanced out in Parliament. Given the street names of “Mary Jane” or “Weed”; the drug is being illegally smoked over all provinces and territories. Marijuana should be legalized in Canada, and I support this, not because I am a pot smoker, or a teen, but because the legalization of marijuana would benefit everyone in numerous ways. The government is missing out on a chance to make just as much money as liquor and tobacco from an all taxed “weed” selling system that could increase funds, and eliminate all drug dealers that sell marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would also give police more valuable time to concentrate on larger problems such as violence. Dope is not half as dangerous as other deathly drugs such as tobacco, or alcohol, weed has no record of killing anyone, while deaths relating to alcohol and tobacco are among the highest ratings.

If you take a look at the profit the Government of Canada is making off other drugs like tobacco products and alcohol, you will find that it all goes to helping them finance our health care, education, and important programs in our
country. If the government would legalize marijuana it would increase its finances, possibly lower taxes, and make Canada a wealthier nation. Processing weed naturally does not cost anything, not like the expensive processing plants that are required for tobacco and alcohol. Marijuana in Canada is a multi million-dollar industry owned by the public, but is illegal. The amount of illegal dealers of this relaxant drug is increasing steadily, but although it is illegal, the punishment for possession or selling of marijuana is not as extreme as expected and assumed. Selling dope can and should be a government job; it is once again, a multi million-dollar industry.

The legalization of marijuana would allow the police to...

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