Legalizing Gay Rights

Legalizing Gay Rights

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Legalizing The Rights Of Gays

Legalizing The Rights of Gays:

A Summary/Response To James Kellard’s “Gay Marriage Should Be Legal”
Why is gay marriage a big controversy? America is supposed to be the land of the free,
which is supposed to give everyone the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion; in turn, it
also gives the freedom from religion. According to James Kellard’s article, “Gay Marriage
Should Be Legal”, (2012). The arguments against gay marriage do not hold up. Legalizing gay
marriage has been a major issue for many years. There have been many arguments about
how they should receive the same rights as heterosexual couples. Opposing gay marriage in my
opinion, is just a form of prejudice. This is a personal issue for me; I have a step-son that is gay,
and I support any decision he and his partner make regarding marriage.
Many religions disapprove of this practice stating that same-sex marriage is unnatural,
and a violation to their religious beliefs. Therefore, several churches refuse to preform
ceremonies for gay marriages. Gay marriage cannot affect religion; everyone is entitled to their
own beliefs. I feel that love is love and it should not matter. Gay or straight, the only
thing that matters is true love and not the opinions of others. According to James Kellard (2012)
there is what is known as a civil marriage, currently offered to homosexual couples in lieu of
traditional marriages. However, he is firm that marriage should be equal for all, and I do not...

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