Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

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Legally Blonde


In the beginning of the film Elle decides to go to Harvard based on her emotions, since her boyfriend Warren had left her. Warren breaking up with her and telling her she wasn’t serious enough made her sad and jealous. Elle only listened to her feelings following Warner all the way to Harvard trying to prove to him that she is in fact serious. This decision was completely based on feelings, not letting her really think it through and in the beginning I don’t believe it was the right decision. Though, this decision turns into a life changing experience for Elle proving to everyone. Her mother and father, and most importantly her boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) Warren. That she is serious and perfectly capable of accomplishing what she wants. In the end a bad decision turns out to be the right decision.


Usually bad decisions go along with feelings such as depression/anxiety/sadness/anger. Since Elle was most likely feeling depressed and jealous, she didn’t think with her brain but with her emotions. Letting her emotions think for her, she followed Warner all the way to Harvard. But, if Elle wasn’t depressed and jealous and Warren didn’t break up with her, she wouldn’t have followed him to Harvard since there was no reason for her to go.


i) A turning point in a story/film is an experience or event that changes how the character's deals with problems and how it affects his/her life in a significant way.

ii) One turning point in the film is when Warren and Elle were standing outside in the inner-park of the university and Warren tells Elle that she’s just not smart enough. Ellie than rallies up all her resources putting matters into her own hands. Elle studies hard and impresses her professors and classmates in many occasions. Determined to become a graduating law student, proving to Warren that she is smart and that she can. So she does, being invited into one of Boston's best law firms after...

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