Leglizing Gay Marriage

Leglizing Gay Marriage

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personally do agree with the idea of legalizing gay marriage. For me, same sex marriage should be allowed for many reasons. On the other hand, I totally oppose to the ideas provided against it.

First of all, in the name of liberty, gay marriage is legitimate. If we consider that liberty consists in doing what we want without affecting others’, homosexuals should have the same rights as other individuals, therefore, they can love and marry whom they want, no difference between gay marriage and marriage between heterosexuals should be made. We must therefore legalise gay marriage. By forbidding same-sex unions, we violate the laws and deprive homosexuals of their liberty.

But, for me, the most important reason not to refuse gay marriage is that we deny equality, one of the most essential principles of human’ s rights. As a matter of fact, “all men are created equal”, so why refusing homosexuals the right from which all other men benefit? If everyday, thousands of institutions and people attempt to break prejudices from some narrow-minded people who discriminate against black people or foreigners, to refuse gay marriage is indeed a sort of discrimination; thus, we have to combat this idea and allow this union.

For some people, gay marriage is not possible due to the fact that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. But have these people think about the real meaning of “marriage”? Personally, marriage is the result of a relationship between two people: this relationship is an unconditional love and based on mutual respect and the ability to enjoy other’s company; therefore real love between a man and a woman or between two people of the same sex is totally identical. Marriage is only a result of this true and real love, so why prevent homosexuals from such a thing?

But, people do not agree with same-sex union not only for “semantic” reasons, but also for moral reasons. Some tend to assert that marriage goes against the basis of religion;...

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